Our history is really a "herstory".  Grama and mama's cooking in our home spawned our first restaurant in 1997.   The rest is herstory:


  • 1997 Fort St. Mall--400 square feet space, offering Korean sushi, California roll, spam musubi and packaged snacks.   At the entrance of the old Blaisdell Hotel, there are many fond memories
  • 2005 Ala Moana Building (known for its medical offices), we found our home on the third floor.   Still there, you'll be distracted by the smell of "grama's kitchen" on your way to the third floor elevators--try walking by without a thought of a family party, a favorite New Years' dish
  • 2006 Fort St. Mall location is closed and we move to University of Hawaii lower campus
  • 2010 UH Campus Center welcomes us as we close the lower campus location
  • 2014  Ala Moana Center's Makai Market Food Court allows us to anchor the Diamond Head, Makai corner. Aja Bento finally has enough space to offer all the dishes you love (and we love)
  • 2016 (Fall) NEW LOCATION coming!!!


Grama's favorite garlic chicken.  This is the one that would bring tears of joy from way outside the house and probably caused an aromatic commotion every time the sugar caramelized.  We were also asked to include a friend's famous shoyu chicken and pork adobo.  Items long loved by us and friends became our heritage and responsibility.  Alas, it was all a ploy to get Aja to cook people's favorite dishes so they didn't have too--tricky, tricky, very tricky.   Friends and family became fastidious and "stood with us" (lol--demanded) to get it right.  Today, we dare not  alter our selection --we would be in deep trouble to put it mildly.  Funny too that some new traditions have been born--eating Pork Adobo with Kim Chee or Kim Chee daikon.  We're told it's the perfect combination--we're not arguing (that might become dangerous).  All humor aside, we have a long-standing relationship and responsibility to serve "grama's best" everyday--it's not just our menu, it's womenu.